Every morning it is the same thing… You struggle getting out of bed. Your mind wandered all night about what you did, what you need to do, what you didn’t do, and what you do wrong. You cannot get out of your own head. And yet, here you are… Feeling alone, worrying that you’re abnormal, and scared of making the wrong decisions.

It doesn't have to be this way!

Lisa Hawkins-Jack, LCSW

I am here to provide a non-judgmental approach to problem solving and empowering you to navigate through your life. Very often, life exposes us to things we may not have the correct tools to deal with our problems. I can provide those tools! Most of the time, the solution to the problem is much clearer than the problem itself. So, understanding where you are and why, is half of the journey. Together we can find the value you have in yourself and take back control of your life!

Do any of these sound like YOU?

Challenges can mean different things to different people on different journeys. Challenges can involve a loss of a loved one either through death, divorce, or break-up. They can involve married couples, singles, or domestic relationships. Teens, elderly, college students, or adults will have their own issues to cope and resolve at stages in their lives.

Revive offers affordable online counseling by a licensed, insured clinical therapist.